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Companies utilize websites as a means to generate businesses – therefore websites need to be designed with the end customer in mind.

It is not enough to have a good looking and attractive site if it does not convert a visitor into a long term paying customer.

Websites also need to be designed to be attractive to Search Engines – what humans and search engine spiders like in a web site are two different things.

Many designers do not wear a marketing or business hat when designing sites – after all, scripts, graphics, fonts and web design software is what they are good at.

BiruDaun Web Studio does not want to be just your web designer. We want to become your Internet marketing partner.

Our goal is to provide a website and promotional package that suits your business or personal needs and objectives.

And a good business website that will generate high levels of traffic, begins with good web design that is grounded in marketing concepts.

Well, over half of our design work focuses on re-designing existing sites – sites that have had a lot of time and money spent on the design, but which are failing to deliver.

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