In the next two years, an expectation of nearly nine billion dollars in Internet sales will be the result of affiliate marketing channels. With the strategies you’ll find here you can take advantage of this huge marketing opportunity. BiruDaun Web Consulting provides three distinct services in Affiliate Marketing to harness this dynamic aspect of E-Commerce. Affiliate Marketers. As an Affiliate Marketer you can take advantage of Synergy Interactive’s expertise to locate Affiliate Programs that will work well with your site visitors. We will screen the thousands of Affiliate Programs on the net today to locate only those reputable enough to match your standards. We will manage the relationships with these programs to maximize the return on your investment. Affiliate Merchandisers. We provide a complete outsourcing service for managing and growing your Affiliate Program. We specialize in targeted affiliate recruitment, management of your affiliate network including the development of custom communication packages to this network, monitoring the network’s performance, and developing advertising and content for your affiliate networks marketing efforts. Affiliate Tracking. Let us provide you with a way to track the sales of all of your affiliate marketers. We provide a complete reporting package to provide you with data necessary to evaluate your Affiliate Program’s performance. We will provide feedback to your Affiliate Marketers, and will issue checks to your affiliate network based upon their performance and your requirements. If you are interested in using our Affiliate Management Service to acquire more customers who are actively looking for your company’s products and services, than please contact us at [email protected] or fill out our online contact form.
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