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Total Internet Marketing

BiruDaun has developed a range of marketing services that will launch and promote your business to your target audience in a cost effective and measured way. Our Interactive Marketing Services include: Search Engine Marketing Service The internet is about making connections, and Search Engines e.g. Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc, are the main facilitator or gateway of these connections. With over 85% of online purchases begun through a Search Engine, understanding Search Engine Ranking requirements can assist a website to gain a high position ranking and generate a larger number of visitors. Multimedia Marketing Service Internet Marketing While Search Engine Marketing will generate a high level of traffic to your site, it is important not to overlook the other ways that the Internet provides to generate traffic and acquire customers. For example, other businesses are interested in selling your product or service, for a commission percentage of the sale price. There are also lists of potential buyers who are interested in your product or service, and who have given permission to be contacted via email by businesses involved with this particular product or service. And a regular newsletter to your site visitors and potential customers will allow you to continually pre-sell and reinforce your product brand in the customers mind. Multimedia Marketing Services We consider multimedia to be a very close relative to the world wide web in that the web is rapidly becoming a true multimedia experience, with sound, graphics, animation and video all working in concert to support a message. Multimedia can be used to complement and add to the power of your online message, or can be utilized to effectively communicate with target audiences who are better reached through interactive offline methods, such as CDRoms, and business Video or Audio. If you are interested in using our Marketing Services to acquire more customers who are actively looking for your companies products and services, than please contact us [email protected]

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